Quarry - Taymyr, Russia

Location Taymyr, Russia
Gateways to Drowned Lands - Taymyr, RussiaRift - Taymyr, RussiaZimnegorsk - Taymyr, Russia

Taymyr, Russia

Surrounded by dense Syberian woods and cold unwelcoming ocean, the city of Zimnegorks was once a prominent resource base for all of the surrounding towns. From lumbermills to mines and oil rigs, what used to be the industrial heart of the region is now but a shadow of its former self, full of deserted or unfinished factories and eerily empty streets. However, a regional oil company decided the now-decrepit city may still have some potential.

Quarry Map

Taymyr Russia Quarry Map

Quarry Upgrades Locations

All SnowRunner Upgrade Parts locations in Quarry, Taymyr. (Taymyr 9-15)

Hidden Upgrades: Number 09, 10, 12

Quarry Upgrades Locations

Quarry Upgrades Locations


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