Mountain River - Alaska, USA

Location Alaska, USA
Gateways to North Port - Alaska, USAPedro Bay - Alaska, USAWhite Valley - Alaska, USA

Alaska, USA

The harsh Alaskan wilds were always a desirable, if difficult target for many oil companies. These days, an oil tycoon by the name of "Black Bird" has laid their claim on the large deposit of the black gold hidden deep under the showy plains. Scattered with oilrigs and covered in an intricate web of petroleum lines, the region is still a constant source of new challenges for the company, and with them, employment for freelance truckers.

Mountain River Map

Alaska Mountain River Map

Mountain River Upgrades Locations

All SnowRunner Upgrade Parts locations in Mountain River, Alaska. (Alaska 9-13)

Hidden Upgrades: Number 11

Mountain River Upgrades Locations


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